Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Room Inspiration

I demanded Purple, Bobby wanted Ladybugs. Well, he didn't really care, but he didn't just want purple with no 'theme' ie. critter. So, Ladybugs it is!

It's semi funny/ironic/sentimental as well. My sister Becky will be one of Kaygan's Godmothers, and she has a hatred for Ladybugs. However, since she developed this dislike, people have given her ladybug items, and she even named one of her dogs Ladybug.

So, I've been crafting away, painting things purple with little ladybugs on it etc. I found a fabric that I want to make a blanket or burp cloth out of that has ladybugs on it... the rest of the fabric is Pink, which I'm not crazy about, but, whatchya gonna do... the ladybugs are just too cute to pass up! I'll add pics of it when I finish!


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