Wednesday, November 4, 2009


99 days to go! How wild is that! We definitely need to get crackin on getting the baby room ready and get some of our baby 'supplies'. Eeeek! So exciting! I'm glad that we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's all in between, maybe it will make time go by faster! Something tells me things will seem nice and busy from now through the first week of January and then things will just draaaaag by!

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt Kaygan have the hiccups! It was really weird. I didn't catch on at first that it wasn't her little kicking and punching, then I figured out that the little taps were the same strength every time and were on a rhythm. So, Yup! Hiccups!

Tomorrow we have a big dr. appt. Well, actually, 2 of them. We have an ultrasound at 8am. Let's hope that we still have a little girl. I trust the u/s tech, but, 18 weeks is really early to be able to determine gender. Bib made the comment the other day how he'd feel so bad if we DO find out it's really a boy and he's been calling his son Kaygan for the last 8 weeks!

I also have to take my Gestational Diabetes test tomorrow at a 9am appt. So, no food for me after midnight tonight, and just a sip of water tomorrow before the test. Then, a super super sugary drink in my tummy for 1 hour. I'm not looking forward to that. I've never been able to handle even kool aid on an empty stomach without getting sick... I really don't want to throw up at the dr. office! I really really don't want to fail and have to do the 3 hour test!

I also have to do my RH- contamination screening tomorrow since I have a negative blood type. Bobby and I have the same blood type, so the chances of Kaygan having a different type aren't huge, but possible. If I'm clear for that, then I have to go back and get a Rho Gahm Shot in 2 weeks. I had to get that twice with our miscarriage, and it's not exactly the funnest shot in the world to get. According to our dr." it kinda feels like getting kicked in the butt by a mule ". Now, only in MO would they say mule!

26 weeks tomorrow... I'll post a new Belly Pic after our appt and give an update!


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