Friday, June 18, 2010

4 Month Session

I took Kaygan outside today and put her in the grass for her 4 month session. She lasted for all of 3 minutes before she had a fit, but I think I managed to get a few cute ones!

Apparently she and Marli found something interesting in the grass!
And then she was done!

Visit from M'Leigh!

Kaygan's Godmother M'Leigh came to visit on her way to my cousin Amy's graduation. So, Kaygan got to spend a few hours with her! I think they had a good time!

Grants Farm

At the beginning of June, I met up with three other mommies who've had miscarriages and now have (or will soon have) babies. It was the first time I've met them, though we've been friends online for over a year now! It was SO great to finally get some face time with them, and meet their little ones!

So, this is Zachary, he's a few months older than Kaygan.
This is all three of the babies, and one of the daughters of Lynn, who was about 30 weeks pregnant at our get together.
AND the babies with her other daughter, Mikayla.
All us mommies!
Evelyn, who was almost 11 months at this time!

And Kaygan... pretty dazed and tired by this point in the day it seems!

Here we all are as we're leaving the park!
Mandy loved 'protecting' Kaygan. She's gonna be a great big sister!
Totally had a blast! Can't wait to meet up with my bump friends again soon!


Boy have I been a bad blogger! Here's some new stuff!

I love this pic of Kaygan... she has that "just wait, I'm up to no good" kind of grin!
My brother Samuel got to come back from Afghanistan for 2 weeks. My Uncle Steven and Aunt Sue had a 'welcome home' type get together at their house, though they weren't there for it! A few families got to come though!

This is my younger cousin Paul. He just wasn't quite sure how to balance baby and bottle at the same time with her facing outward... he managed though!
I made Kaygan a onesie just for the occasion!
Samuel meeting his niece for the first time!
He's in love!
This was all of the cousins and our spouses (and our kid) who were able to make it to the party!
Samuel LOVES Animal Crackers... so I got him a big container of them!
Samuel and Kaygan had quite the little chat! I think they stayed like this for 10 minutes!
She kept playing with his dog tags, and every time he'd look away, she'd pull on them to get the attention back onto her!

Kaygan and her 2 Godmothers!

The Rempfer cousins with Kaygan.
Fast asleep on Grandma Darling.
My cousin Jared happened to be in from CA at the same time Samuel was home. They came over with their twin girls, and my cousins Jason and Paul came over with their kids as well... here's a nice 'happy' group picture!!!
Kaygan started out asleep, and woke up to 3 crying toddlers and all of us grown-ups hollering to get the kids to look at us!
Finally safe in Daddy's arms... watching all the other kids play!
Wearing Uncle Samuels army hat.

Who turned out the lights?

First attempt at cereal!

Kaygan getting ready to go out and play!

Hopefully it's not too long before my next update!