Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy Appt!

Holy Cow! That was the busiest dr. appt I've ever had! I had an u/s this morning to get heart measurements, check fluid levels and placenta placement. ALL looked good! I'm so relieved. Our fluid level was up to 12 and the placenta moved up to 3cm away from the opening. Yay for 1 less reason to need a c-section!

Baby is 2lbs, and in a funky position. She is head down, but has her legs going across my upper belly, so she's making an upside down L. ... and yes, still a girl!

During the u/s we got a fabulous look at her mouth and nose... she's going to have a really pretty mouth! The tech also kept commenting on what a cute nose she has! Kaygan was super stubborn though, and as soon as the tech started the 4d ultrasound, she completely rotated and faced my back. It took a good 5-10 minutes to get her to turn back to the front!

I drank my glucose drink right before the u/s... actually sitting on the u/s table! By the time we were done with the u/s, I only had to wait back out in the waiting room for 15 minutes before my blood draw. I had a different person than usual and the blood draw was not an easy feat for her! It sucked!

Then I saw my dr. We talked about a few delivery things, but nothing major.

Then, I got my Rho Gahm shot. Ouch!

See her pretty mouth!

The ultrasound tech couldn't believe how much hair she already had... that's what all the little white lines are around her head! (above pic where arrow is pointing)

That's her little footie!
She waved at us! (above pic)

Another 'skull' shot. Tip your head to the right!


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