Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hunting Season...

Graphic Images Below... you've been warned!!!

Well, Bobby and his friend Jordan went out hunting yesterday morning, first day of rifle season in Missouri. Last year Bobby had gotten a doe, but no buck. This year he said he wasn't shooting at anything till he got a buck. I figured I'd be in for a lllooooong couple of weeks (or however long the season is). Around 8:30 am he called me and told me that he'd gotten a buck! I was so excited... maybe I'd get to see him over the next two weekends after all! He sent me a txt of the pic, but it wasn't great quality. I couldn't quite count how many points were on it, but I could tell it was no puny little thing!

So, I figured that he'd come back and clean it and be done... nope... they stayed out there, got another one and finally came home to clean them... in the dark. How is that a smart idea? Either way, I got to play 'wildlife' photographer for them while they cleaned the buck. The smell was way to much for a pregnant woman to handle, so I went back inside before they were completely done... but I'm pretty impressed at how long I held out!

So, the afore mentioned graphic images are below! The first ones aren't bad, but there are some nasty blood and guts cleaning pics the further down you go!


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