Thursday, November 19, 2009

28 Weeks

"Don't you just love being Pregnant"?

That's what I've been asked by a few people lately... and my answer?: "Sure, we're really excited for her to get here!"

That of course isn't really answering the questions, but it's one of those questions that people ask and they really only want to hear a happy answer. What my real answer would be is "NO I DON'T!" Sorry, but this will probably turn into a really long whiney vent!

I love our little girl to death already, and I am so ready for her to be here for us to cuddle and play with, but I DO NOT just love being pregnant. In fact, there are very few things that I even like about being pregnant.

I like watching Bobby talk to her. I like seeing how excited he gets when he can feel her moving around in there. I appreciate hearing her heartbeat, and I don't mind some of her little punches and kicks. I did LOVE watching her move around on the ultrasound 2 weeks ago. She really has so much more personality than she did at our 18 week u/s, and we could see her features so much better.

But, I hate most of her movements, as they are quite painful. I like the reassurance, but not the movements themselves. She is sitting incredibly low, and things are being pushed and stretched in ways that some women have to deal with towards the end of their pregnancies, but most never feel the pain I'm feeling.

I've had horrible tailbone pain since week 12 of this pregnancy. I can't sit up or roll over in bed without Bobby's help, from the pain alone, not my belly. We've finally figured out that it most likely leads back to an injury from when I was a cheerleader in college, but the added super low pressure from Kaygan is making it rear it's ugly head. I'm concerned, but prepared, for this back problem alone to be what leads me to get an epidural. I'd wanted to try to go epi free, but, since I can't even use muscles to sit myself up without crying, I doubt I'll be able to use the muscles I need to get this little girl out unless I have some serious drugs!

I now also have a bladder infection. Painful on their own, even more so with someone punching at it all the time. I saw Mary Anne (our nurse) at the office on Tuesday, and she gave me a scrip to help fight the infection. It makes me very drowsy, and apparently, even though I was told that it would affect Kaygan in no way, it makes Kaygan very drowsy as well. Yesterday I made a call to the dr. office because of her almost non-existent movement yesterday. I could make her move, but she wasn't moving much on her own.

Basically, I love my little girl, but I'm in this for the end result of her being here. I don't care about some magical pregnancy feelings, I don't care about experiencing some wonderful emotional birth... I'm only in this to get my baby out of the deal!

Just 12 (hopefully less) weeks to go!!!


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