Monday, March 29, 2010

Giggle, Giggle, Squirm and Wiggle

So, I'm sitting here, and Bobby and Kaygan are sitting next to me in the rocking chair. Talking and dancing... well, Bobby is talking and and making Kaygan's little chubby legs dance... and she's giggling!!! Not full out belly laughs, but little giggles and coos... and it's just so darn cute to listen too!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hanging with Grandma'am

Boy, naps are nice!

First Tub Bath!!

So, on March 27th (Happy Birthday Kara) Kaygan finally got her first tub bath... we've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for her umbilical cord stump to fall off... and it finally did a few days ago! There was still a little bit of it hanging on, so we kept treating it with alcohol for a few days before we got it wet!

I was so excited to get to do this. One of my big 'things' in the hospital, was that I'd wanted her first bath to be in our room with us, so we could take pictures etc. Basically, I just wanted to be there for her first bath. Well, with everything that happened, obviously, a bath was the last thing on everyone's minds that night! She did get one from a NICU nurse when she was a few days old, but they did it in the middle of the night when we weren't there.

So, we pulled out the camera and everthing!

Here she is getting ready!

She tolerated the whole thing pretty well until the water started to get a little chilly... it was either that or me rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. Two tiny little trickles ran into her face and it was all over from there! Then, she was loud and proud of it! It took a few minutes to calm her down and get her dressed, but then she had a very VERY sound nap!

Just more Pictures...

She used the incline of her bouncy chair to roll from her right side to her left side! She was sleeping, so she didn't even know she did it, but, her Mommy was still impressed!

Something is very interesting over there...

Yay!!! First real smile for the camera! Way to be a good photographer Aunt Kaje!


Happy Birthday to Bobby
Happy 1 Month to Kaygan
Happy St. Pat's Day to everyone else...

Yes, March 17th is busy for me! Here's some pics from that day!

That says 34 in the's just a little hard to tell! I made him a German Chocolate Cake, his favorite for a birthday cake.

He just couldn't resist a little taste!

Aunt Kayla with Kaygan...

We were really trying hard to catch a smile from her! She started smiling at us 3 or 4 days before her 1 month mark... doc says she's very intelligent!

That night, Kayla, Kaygan and I drove down to Jackson to see J'Nae. CUNE's A Capella choir was singing at a church down there, so we surprised her!

So, that day was jam packed but super fun!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Pics for Uncle Samuel

13 Days old... Cuddling with Grandpa Thole!

12 Days Old!

8 Days old... getting ready to leave the NICU!... FINALLY!!!This was on Momm and Dad's fridge... go figure!

6 Days Old

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kaygan through the first 2.5 weeks

So, this post is specifically for my dear sweet brother Samuel. He's in Afghanistan and this blog is his only way to see pictures of his niece... so please forgive the total picture post here! These will all be from her Birth Day through her Baptism day... I've taken more since then, but haven't put them on my computer yet!

Here ya go Uncle Samuel! These go in backwards order. I still need to add more, but this is Birth Day - Day 4!

4 Days Old
3 Days Old

2 Days Old

1 Day Old

Birth Day!!!