Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Luke's Confirmation

We went to my cousin Lucas' confirmation the first weekend in May.

My mom, holding my cousin Ben, and my Aunt Rhoda, holding Kaygan...
Me taking a pic of Hayden to send to her Godmother Emily Bemily Boo!
My Uncles sister Kim... I met her 15 years ago and loved hanging out with her... turns out I still do!

Hayden LOVES Baby Kaygan... cuddles with her EVERY chance she gets!

This was when Kaygan's tearducts were still clogged... poor thing always looked like she had terrible allergies. .... thankfully, that problem seems to have resolved itself!

Stay at Home Mommy

That's the life for me!

So, with Kaygan not being in the clear to be around a bunch of kids, and with my Grandpa living with my parents (at the in home studio), and needing more and more care from my mom (my business partner) we have decided to close Digital Dynamics. It sucks, but, there just really isn't any way to make it work any more. Kaygan's not so good immune system, Grandpa's Alzheimers getting worse and Mom's heart issues just aren't going to make it possible to give the studio what it needs to function.

I'm still doing photography for family and friends, even by word of mouth, but not the same way we have been doing it, and not available etc. Not even going to have a business phone anymore. So, as of June 1st, the studio is officially closed and my new title is SAHM (Stay at home mom).

Someday in the future a few years, I fully intend to go into business again. We'll just see when! Until then, I'll just have to keep all the magazine articles and ideas tucked away in a binder, just waiting to be put to good use!

Kaygan's first 'Family Night'

So, Immanuel Lutheran School puts on a Family Fun Night every year. They've been doing this since I went to school there, and I have no idea how many years previous to that! So, Aunt Kayla now teaches Pre-K there, so she wanted to go and support the PTL (they put it on I think). So, Kaygan got to go with her mommy, Aunt Kaje and Aunt Bex. I think she had a good time!

So, the first thing that Kaygan did was go on the Cake Walk with Aunt Kaje. This was a big favorite when I was young enough to still get something out of fun night! Kaygan and Kayla didn't win on this round, but Becky got a cake!

Then we went to get Kaygan's Face Painted... just the thing for a 10 week old to do! Of course, we got her a ladybug. The girls doing the painting were in 8th grade I think. They didn't quite think it through when they started by outlining a circle in black... really, when it comes to a baby, they could have easily just done a big red circle with a bunch of little black dots!
Either way, it ended up looking a little bit like a ladybug, but the girl wearing it made it Oh so Cute!

Aunt Bex then took Kaygan fishing in the fish pond. She got a goodie bag with a bunch of stickers and temporary tattoos... we'll save those till she's a little older!

Then I took her to the duck pond...
she did eventually touch that yellow one right in front of her... she one a whole 1 point!

This was the end, right before we left! We were there for probably an hour and a half or so... Kaygan slept the whole drive home... which isn't that far, but she was asleep by the time we got out of the parking lot at school!

Some recent happenings...

Kaygan went through a few rough nights... this did not make for an energetic pair... We crashed one day on the couch together.
But, since I'm not much of a napper, she slept longer than I did...

She's also gotten into this need to be held all the time phase. So, I rigged this out of a huge role of gauze type material that I had. It worked pretty well, took a little re-arranging, several times. I've since been given a Peacebabies sling, and we're getting the hang of that as well!
Kaygan had a nice little cocoon for the day though!

2 Month session...

Yes, I know I'm a month + late on this... this little girl keeps me busy!