Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving and 29 Weeks!

So, I was 29 Weeks along on Thanksgiving. So, I'm posting this a whole week late, but the pics needed to be shown!!! This first picture is how big I feel, well, I actually feel much bigger! But this is as good as I could do to show it!
This is just me... 29 weeks, in a maternity shirt from my sweet Mother in Law... Kayla and Becky, especially Becky, both said this was the cutest shirt ever and wished they made it in non-maternity style!
Me again...
Ahhh, my sweet Husband on Thanksgiving. He and my cousin Jason made a beer can turkey on the grill outside...hence th ugly camo hat... The face, well, that's my man!
My brother Samuel sent these scarves from Afghanistan for everyone who was at our house for Thanksgiving, plus a few more for some other people. Everyone got different ones except for me and Kaygan, he wanted us two to have matching ones. He specifically picked each one for specific people... Bobby got a black and red 'Husker' one!
Kayla and I... all Afgany scarved out...
and again... with the traditional 'listen to the belly' shot.
This was supposed to be a cute sister shot... but Bobby just couldn't help but butt in!

So, we had a good Thanksgiving. It was small, only about 22 people were there I think. Still fun though!


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