Monday, October 12, 2009

She's Shy!!!

Well, Kaygan has now graced just ONE other person with the opportunity to feel her kick. I of course feel her all the time, and even know how to get her to kick if I feel like it's been too long since I've felt her. Bobby has felt her the one time as well, but as I've posted before, she seems to want to cuddle with his warm hand instead of kick at it!

Yesterday, Aunt Kayla got to feel her. We tried for a while, but Kaygan wasn't participating at all. So, we gave up and started looking at some pics from our trip to MN earlier this summer. Well, Kaygan got to kickin. I've JUST started to be able to feel her while I'm standing, usually it's only when I'm sitting or laying down. So, I really didn't figure anyone else would be able to feel her. Well, I pushed Kayla's fingers in right where she was kicking. She kicked a time or two and Kayla didn't feel it. Then, on the third one she must have put all her effort into it, because not only was it one of the hardest kicks I've ever felt, Kayla got a good strong feeling on her fingers too!

Kayla has got some pretty big eyes as it is, but they got huge when she felt those kicks! She started jumping around and squeeling! It was so cute! Of course, now Bobby's jealous because he's only gotten to feel her once and now someone else has felt her as much as he has. But, he's still excited for Kayla's sake I think!


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