Saturday, October 10, 2009

22 Weeks! Go Huskers!

22 weeks down!!! Yay!!! I've really been feeling Kaygan kicking around in there. She had a few quiet still days after the East Perry Fair... too much junkie fair food I guess! Now I've figured out how to make her squirm and kick, so if I ever get nervous, I just use my pants waistband to squish her a bit and she fights back!

Bobby has only been able to feel her once. First of all, he doesn't have much patience to wait it out for her to kick again, but the biggest problem, is she likes it too much to have his hand or arm cuddle her! She can be going crazy and as soon as Bobby puts his hand on my tummy, she not only stops while his hand is there, she stops completely! He must be putting her to sleep with his big warm hands!

A few weeks ago, Bobby's parents sent Kaygan a Husker onesie. So, we wore it with pride for the Husker/Mizzou game... and we won! Go Huskers!


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