Wednesday, October 14, 2009

120 days to go!!!

Well, we hopefully have 120 days or less till little Kaygan arrives! I've decided to copy on of my friends ideas and fill a big jar with 120 pieces of candy. I get to eat one a day! That should help with my countdown!

Bobby finally felt her last night again for the second time. Only once, but it was still a good little kick from her! We've figured out that she tends to sleep all day long and maybe wake up once in the afternoon. She wakes up in the evening around 7-8 and is moving and kicking around for a couple of hours. She also wakes up with us at 5am and kicks around for a while then too! She must be awake more during the night, but I guess I sleep too soundly to be able to feel her!

From what I can tell, she's head down (let's hope she stays that way!). The only reason I say that is I get lots of little bumps on my bladder, but the stronger bumps tend to be up by my belly button. So, I guess she's using my bladder as a punching bag and my belly button as a soccer ball!

We get to see her again on November 5th, so we'll see how she's sitting then and if I'm right or not!


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