Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a....

Well, we'd had a few minor issues that our dr. wanted to take a better look at, so we had an U/S at 18weeks 1 day. The U/S Tech wasn't planning on doing our whole gender and measurement scan that day, but she decied that we were far enough along to go ahead and do it. I was so excited! I just kept quiet, because I knew that Ashley (the U/S tech) was doing measurements and concentrating on everything. She'd tell us there's the head, here's an arm etc. After about 5 minutes, Bib just couldn't stand it anymore and asked her if she could tell if it was a boy or girl yet. Ashley said she'd been checking, but LO kept it's legs crossed, so she couldn't see anything.

I immediately said "oh, if the legs are crossed it must be a girl". Bobby was certain we'd be having a girl, and I was positive we were having a boy. So, Ashley just kept going and after another 5 minutes Bobby again asked if she could tell. She just kinda smirked (she knew about our difference of opinions) and said, "Yeah, it's a girl".

My response? "What!!!??? Are you sure? Are you serious? Really, it's a girl?" and many more comments such as these. She just smiled and showed us the 'goods' as proof it was a girl. I wasn't convinced, because it looked so blurry to me. She checked the other things she needed to check and I asked her again if it was 'really a girl' and how sure was she? She said we'd look again, but she was 95% sure, and that's the highest percent of sure she'll ever say! So, looks like it's a girl and I have to admit that Bobby's 'daddy instincts' were better than my 'mommy instincts'.

I think she looks like Skelator in this one!

There's her little profile. While we were looking at this view we saw her put her hand in her mouth and then we could see her little jaw going up and down. She was sucking her thumb! It was soooo cool!

So, we called Bobby's parents right away and told them. Bobby's mom was so cute and squeely and his dad said "I like girls". It was so cute. We put them on speaker so we could both hear what they had to say. Then we went out for supper to celebrate... and give Bobby even more time to tease me about his being right.

We were planning on holding out with my family until my parents and sisters were all together. We had it all planned out on how we were going to tell. Well, my parents and their friends were the only ones there, and we had to wait a while for my sisters to get there. My parents and their friends tricked us aka Bobby into telling. They just kept kept asking questions about the U/S. Eventually, Bobby slipped and said "we saw her hand go into her mouth..." He didn't even realize he'd done it at first, but after 2-3 seconds of everyone staring at him he caught on and put his head down and just couldn't believe that HE was the one who slipped up! So, then they all knew!
We told Becky as soon as she got there, and had to wait till the next day to tell Kayla. They both had similar reactions... screaming!


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