Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to My New Blog!

So, yeah, Bib and I had a wedding blog, that I fully intended to keep up with after the wedding to keep every one updated on our lives… yes, I guess I do believe some might be interested, but honestly, the title was just too long and complicated! I posted a few thing non-wedding related on that one, and will probably copy and paste some or all of those posts to this blog so that my Bump Girls are updated.

I’ll do a little bit of everything on this one. Some will be baby related stuff, but, since not too many guys follow blogs, I doubt too many will get grossed out. Everyone who knows us, knows we’ve had a loss and are attempting to get pregnant again, so, no secrets here. I will also put recipe’s, book reviews, movie reviews and (hopefully not too many) political opinions on here. If you want to read my blog, you’re gonna get it all! I don’t discriminate against topics! So, be prepared!


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