Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Engagement

So, pretty much everyone knows we're engaged...

On Friday, March 28th, we were all hanging out on the back porch. Bobby’s niece
Anna and her baby Kailey were out in the yard so I went out to walk
with them. Bobby stopped me and suggested we go for a walk to look
around the property where he used to play when he was growing up, so I
said ok and we started walking away from the house. We were holding
hands and his mom followed us out into the yard saying "oh you two look
so cute holding hands, let me take you’re picture!" So we stopped and
turned around and looked at her... I was on Bobby’s left, but we had
stopped holding hands so she told us to hold hands again, well, me
being the photographer that I am, I tried to lean in front of him and
hold his right hand in my right hand so that we looked cuddly, but he
just acted like he didn’t want to cuddle and told me to hold his left
hand instead, so I grabbed his left hand and put my hand on my hip and
smiled at his mom so she could take the picture.

As soon as she
took it (or I thought she did) he started tapping my hand with his
pinky finger (the hands that we were holding) and he just wouldn’t
stop! Tap Tap Tap, I gave him a look to tell him to stop tapping my
hand and he just tapped harder! TAP TAP TAP! So, I tried to pull my
hand out of his and he wouldn’t let go so I looked down at his hand and
saw that he had put the ring on his pinky finger and was tapping me
with it!

I started crying right away, and he got down on one
knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!!!! I said yes of course, and we went over and hugged his
family, I couldn’t stop crying and my hands were shaking but it was

The one thing that totally cracks me up is how I’m
standing... cause these pictures are of the REAL thing... I just kept my
hand up there on my hip like an idiot or something!

I was
totally surprised, but as his niece Anna pointed out later "weren’t we
obvious all standing there on the porch watching Ya’ll?" Well, I guess
they probably were, but we were walking away from them all, and then I
was looking at the camera and didn’t see them!

The whole thing happened soooo fast, I’m really glad that we got the pictures of it!





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