Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend Warriors Book Review

Book: Weekend Warriors
Author: Fern Michaels

Back Cover Blurb:

My Review: This book was recommended to me by my mother in law when we were visiting her for Mother’s Day. She told me about this series, and that afternoon, a girlfriend of mine was packing up some of her books to lend me and came across this one and also said I just had to read it. She actually gave be a 2-in-1 book that included the second book of the series, which I will review in a different post.

I really liked this book. It was almost instantly addicted to it. I think it took me 2 days to read the whole thing. For me, this wasn’t a great book to help me fall asleep at night, because I wanted to stay up all night reading.

As this group of women is drawn together by the fact that they have all been unjustly wronged by the justice system in some way. They call themselves a sisterhood, and it’s very easy to fall right into the group as another sister. During the first meeting, they all put their names into a box, and each book is based on the ‘case’ of the name pulled from the box. They go after the person or persons who have gotten away with hurting these women. Each chooses the punishment for the crimes. With a multi-billionare footing the bill for the projects, and a former government official with access to every data base in the world, the details are carefully laid out for each plan.

Granted, this is supposed to be a review of the first book, but they sort of lay out the format and what’s going to be happening in each of the books.

In the book Weekend Warriors, Kathryn’s is the first name to be drawn. She is a trucker, who’s now deceased handicapped husband used to ride with. Three bikers attacked and raped her while her husband was forced to watch. The Sisterhood dons costumes and make-up to appear as biker-chick as possible. They scheme a great plan to make these three bikers pay in a way that will haunt them the way they’ve haunted Kathryn’s life. I won’t tell you what they do, but, one of the women in the Sisterhood is a surgeon… so figure it out for yourself!

I rate this book an A-… it could have been longer and I’m sure I would have been just an intrigued throughout!


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