Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Scoot

On Friday the 26th of May, Bib and I drove 4 hours to Illinois to help his long time friend, Scott, move. Scott, Scooter or Scoot (pick a name any name) and Bib have been close friends for many many years. Scott was one of the Best Men in our wedding.
We spent Friday evening dining on amazing, and enormous, Italian dishes at this little restaurant that he took us to. We spent the rest of the evening at his new house. His girlfriend Jan came over eventually too.

On Saturday the 27th, we went over to Scott’s house bright and early to start moving. Before we started though, we walked across his yard to the bank that he works at… needless to say, he’s anxious to not be living next door to work anymore! The Morton Community Bank was awesome! It was huge (used to be a grocery store) and decorated with the coolest antiques!

I t took two trailer loads to get almost everything from Scott’s old house to his new house. His girlfriend, Jan and her 10 year old son, will be moving in with him also in about a month. His new house is pretty cool. I’ll be interested to find out how moving his elliptical machine to the basement went though… it was a pretty tight squeeze to get around the steps to the basement!


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