Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Props to my OB!

I love my OB! So, I just had to give him and his office a 'Shout Out' for their awesome staff! Dr. Morton practices at Women First in Cape Girardeau, MO. He was so awesome! He was also my OB for Taylor, and after we lost him/her, we couldn't imagine using another OB. He was very compassionate about our loss, and even took the time to ask how I was doing emotionally. It was nice that he didn't only care about my physical well-being.

So, here he is after our 30 minute "Tug O War" with Kaygan. Once it started to look like there might be trouble for us, he was there almost immediately!

He talked to me when they were trying to get Kaygan to cry and she couldn't, and he really calmed me down. He left right after she'd squacked a few times, and he thought she was fine, so he was really surprised when he came in the next morning to check on me that she wasn't fine and was in the NICU. He again was compassionate and talked to us about the emotional stress of having a NICU baby. He then decided to have some additional tests run on the equipment used during my labor and her birth to rule out bacteria on them. I was very impressed with his follow-up!

Because of her NICU stay, we didn't get to take a picture of her with him while we were still in the hospital, so, I took one when I went back for my 6 week check-up.

After my 6 week check-up, he congratulated me one more time and I told him "see ya for the next one"!


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