Monday, April 12, 2010

Mobile Uploads

So, I said in my last post that I was going to keep up with those mobile photos... but, we had some unforseen travel that delayed it... I'll explain in another post, but, here's all the phone photos from the past week. And yes, there is alot, it's amazing how many photos you want to take of your own baby!

Here's her name on the Hospital billboard! And her outfit to prove that she really is a Husker Fan!

This was my bonnet when I was a baby! She and I were just having a fabulous conversation here... she's really starting to chatter alot!
Hanging out with her Pass.

Easter Morning! Fresh out of the bath!
Looking quite cute (If I may say) in her Easter Outfit!Hangin out... I think we were getting ready to leave for Arkansas.

Stylin in my shades!
Hanging out in our motel room.
She was asleep when I went to grab my phone, but woke up before I could take a picture!Cheerful and ready to see her Mamaw and Papa!

Kailey was looking for a place to take a nap. Apparently under the end table seemed like a good place!On our way back to Missouri!
Still on our way back to Missouri, but with a new outfit... as we got the other one quite dirty with a diaper blow out!
First trip to Lamberts. She slept through most of our time there, even with the roll throwers yelling right above her head!
Using the caterpillar from her Easter basket to help her sit up.
Thanks for looking! There will be more coming as soon as I dump my camera card!


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