Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip to Arkansas

We received the sad news that Bobby's Mamaw Sturdivant passed away on Easter morning. We decided that we'd leave on Monday to drive down there to be with the family and for the funeral.

Grandma Thole getting her last bit of cuddling in before we left for the week.
Kaygan and her cousin Anna's little boy Weston. He's 5 months here and she's almost 2 months here!
They seemed to get along pretty good... Kaygan didn't even mind when Weston 'fishhooked' her!
Kaygan and her cousin Anna
This is Bobby's sister Kim!
Anna and Kaygan again... Anna is Kim's daughter!
Kaygan talking with her Mamaw and Papa Stell before we left to go back home.

It was nice to get to visit with Bobby's family, even if the reason we were all together was sad.


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