Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baptism Weekend

This was a super busy weekend... please forgive the photo overload. I'm putting all the family ones on that I have, so Samuel can see some faces that he hasn't seen in a long time!

M'Leigh meeting her Goddaughter!

Kaygan and her godmothers.

Kaygan meeting her Godfather!

Baptism with Pastor Marks.

Hayden was SO happy to be helpful and hold Kaygan's blanket during the pictures.
Kaygan and two of her Godparents.

Scott and his fiance' Jan and her son.

All the family and friends out at Ponderosa for lunch! We were SOOO loud!

Samuel... can you believe this is your Godson?

My Godson Gerhardt 'helping'.
Kaygan meeting her Great Grandma Theiss

Bobby and Hayden are buddies!


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