Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 Weeks Post Delivery

Where do we stand: 2 weeks after the Birth of Kaygan!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: My total weight gain for the pregnancy was 25 lbs, my total loss so far is 27 lbs... how cool is that! I guess there are SOME benefits to delivering a huge baby!
Maternity Clothes: Nope! Got my blue jeans on and buttoned 9 days after delivery!
Stretch Marks: Yes, they're still there... and they itch like crazy!
Sleep: Well, we're all sleeping better now that I've been forced to formula feed Kaygan for at least 2 weeks. We also some how turned into a co-sleeping/bed-sharing family. This was never my intention, but Kaygan will NOT sleep flat on her back or in her cradle. So, she sleeps on me.
Best Moment Last Week: Leaving the NICU on Friday and coming home!
Movement: ummm, yeah, she's a squirmy little thing... I nicknamed her Noodle the first day I saw her for some reason... and it's stuck!
Food Cravings: Well, I got my DQ ice cream cake after delivery. Kayla and Becky went and got it and had them write "Happy Birthday Kaygan" on it.
Gender: Girl! I even asked to double check during all of the commotion right after she was born!
Labor Signs:... Ummm, I delivered her didn't I!
Belly Button in or out: It's actually sticking out more post birth than it ever did during my pregnancy, but it's starting to go back to it's pre-pregnancy innie status.
What I Miss: My stretch mark free belly
What I'm looking forward to: Just spending time with my new little family.
Milestones: Delivered, Got to bring her home!

I thought it would be kinda fun to do one of these after delivery, just to compare the difference from 3 weeks ago!


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