Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Weeks Old!

I'll try to type this out quickly... it's almost the end of naptime!

Kaygan is doing well. The home nurse came yesterday to check up on her again. She's up to 9lbs and 14 oz, and just over 22 inches long.

She's been a good eater, though she's currently on formula. We had to switch to formula for 2 weeks due to some issues with me, but are hoping to go back to nursing, or at least pumping, next week!

She's waking up every 2.5-3 hours during the night, but getting back to sleep after a little snack, so Mommy is starting to get a little sleep! I definitely feel like I'm getting much more sleep than I did during her NICU stay, so this is pretty nice! She seems to want to eat on the same schedule that she was on in the NICU, and that's not a bad thing!

She doesn't like to sleep flat on her back, so she usually naps in her Boppy or Bouncy chair, and sleeps with me at night! It's nice to cuddle with her, but we don't give Daddy much room in bed! She still doesn't like to have her arms tucked into a blanket, so she jumps alot when she's trying to fall asleep and wakes herself back up.

Her umbilical cord stump is still hanging on... and driving me nuts! It was kept long in the hospital to use as an IV site if needed, so even though it's dry and hard now, it's still like, and inch long, if not longer! I really want that thing gone so we can give her a real bath instead of the sponge baths she's been getting!

She's very alert when she's awake. She can hold her head up pretty well and tries to stand on my legs all the time. She's started playing mimic games with us. If I stick my tongue out at her, she'll do it back. We've also discovered that if we grunt at her 3 times, she'll do it back 3 times, and wait for us to do it again. We can go back and forth with that game for a few minutes before she gets bored of it!

Her Baptism was on the 7th. Lots of family were able to make it, though not as much as we'd have liked! It ended up being a little stressful on Kaygan though, and took her 2 days to calm down. Those were a fun 2 days let me tell ya!

OK, well, she's waking up now... gotta go!


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