Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kaygan Update!

Being a NICU mom is so draining. Bobby and I don't feel like parents yet because we're not the ones in charge of Kaygan. It feels more like we are visitors to some little baby that we love dearly, but isn't ours. It's getting better, Kaygan is now in an open crib and we've been able to change her diaper and help a little with her care.

Her white cell count is now in a normal newborn range, so yay! She still has to have a full 7 days of antibiotics before she can be released, so we're looking at Wednesday for release probably! The biggest hurdle now is her eating. The tube that was in her mouth originally really screwed up her BFing attempts, so now we're trying to fix the damage... good news is that my milk came in today. So BFing will probably be less work with more satisfaction for her, and should continue to improve!

We are rooming in at the hospital, though I was officially discharged last night. Went outside for the first time since Tuesday for lunch today! It was nice, but weird to be leaving without our baby! We were only gone for an hour, but still nice.

Every three hours my time is spent as follows:

Hour 1: Go to NICU, wake Kaygan and get get situated around cords and tubes, attempt to nurse, cuddle.

Hour 2: Go back to room, pump both sides for 15-20 minutes, longer if it's still flowing good, take milk to NICU fridge, come back to room, wash pump, take the pump down to the microwave to sterilize, back to room.

Hour 3: Rest, bump, eat, shower, visit, sleep etc. get ready to go back to NICU to start all over again!

I have to do this through the night, so since we checking in on Tuesday evening, I've had roughly 15 hours of sleep.

They still have NO idea what caused her infection. It could be GBS, but they don't think so...I didn't know that you could develop GBS after testing Neg for it at 35 weeks, but apparently you can.

My dr. also stopped in yesterday morning and talked to us for a while. Turns out that the last 3 deliveries that he's used this type of vacuum on have all had the same thing happen. So, he is having the lot numbers pulled and is going to have them tested for contamination. The other 2 babies are fine now too!

The other issues were most likely from being overdue.

Here's a few pics from late Thursday night!


Branson said...

Had to bring the netbook to work tonight just in case you posted an update! I am so glad things are continuing to improve! She is beautiful and I am sure you are dying to get out the photography stuff and take some photos! We are (hopefully) buying my new dslr this weeked... I consider it a baby expense LOL! Your schedule makes me exhausted just reading it! Prayers continue for all of you constantly! =)

Linda K. Thieret said...

You make a beautiful family!!!! God bless you all. Glad things are getting better.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that she's getting stronger by the day! Kaygan is beautiful

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