Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 day old Kaygan

So, things haven't changed much since I updated so late last night... early this morning? I can't remember when I typed out that info!

Here's what I can think to tell you all that may be new!


She's on normal oxygen now, and doing so well with it that they will probably take the nasal candulator (two prong nose thingy) out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Her blood acid level is no longer a concern (from what we can tell).

She nursed for 36 minutes on her first try!!!! The LC (lactation consultant) and the NICU nurse were both absolutely amazed! She was alert and looking around the whole time!

Neither the LC or her dr. can believe that I'm producing as much colostrum as I am... I've been able to pump up a pretty good stash for her already today! I won't be pumping as much now, just to empty out, because they want me to nurse her every 3 hours.

She's been OK about maintaining her temperature, so she may get out of her 'spaceship' tomorrow and have an open 'regular' baby crib, but still in the NICU.

She has 3 open sores on the back of her head and quite the bruise from the vacuum. I haven't actually seen the sores as they are bandaged, but they make me more nervous than anything else, tubes and all! Bobby and everyone else say that her bruise looks so much better than it originally had, but they all got to see her within an hour of her birth, and I had to wait about 6 hours. By the time I got to see her, she had a hat on and the bruise was covered... I did get to see her head in full 'conehead' form when they carried her to the warming pad just after she was born. I knew it was normal, so it didn't freak me out then... just now for some odd reason!

Not so good news:

They had to do a Lumbar Puncture this morning and get some spinal fluid to test to see if she has infection in her spinal fluid. Menengitis IS a possibility, but they aren't SUPER concerned that she has it. But, her white blood cell numbers are still very high, so something isn't right.

She still has streaky lungs, which could be pneumonia, which would also explain her high white blood cells.

We keep getting conflicting opinions on her energy and alertness. From the nurses, they actually have nicknamed her "Feisty". Dr. says she's not that alert or active. I'm choosing to listen a little more to the nurses, as they see her much more often than the dr.!

Q&A (Questions that we keep hearing and the Answers that we currently have)

Q: How long will she be in the NICU?

A: As of right now, the time length that we've heard the most is roughly a week. This will depend mostly on the results of the Lumbar Puncture. Usually for NICU babies (who are usually preemies) the last 'hurdle' is eating... doesn't look like that will be an issue for Kaygan. They see her white count being her last hurdle, as long as she doesn't lose any weight once she goes off her feeding tube and just on breast milk.

Q: How are you guys doing?

A: We are both really tired! Of course that's to be expected from any new set of parents though! I personally am incredibly sore! Apparently, my body was not designed to deliver such a robust little (big?) baby! Won't be happening again! Next baby will be induced sooner if he/she looks to be anywhere near that big!


Lovely Rain said...

Congratulations! I will be praying for your little girl : )

Linda K. Thieret said...

God bless little Kaygan, she is to beautiful and so strong. I know in my heart she will be fine. Just take care of your self and rest when you can so you will be ready when it time to take her home. The NICU nurses will take very good care of her so you and Bobbi try to get some sleep. Will keep praying for all of you.

Branson said...

She is so beautiful, Kristi! I cry every time I look at the pictures and I don't think that is ONLY my own hormones LOL. I just can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that she is doing better... I do know she had enough people praying for her to get some serious attention though! :) we are so blessed to have a God who listens and blesses us with miracles like these little babies we get to love for Him! Thanks for keeping the updates going... sure you are exhausted! Get some rest while you can! :)

Anonymous said...

We are absolutely totally in love with her already! All I can think about all day is Kaygan and keep praying for her. What hospital are you in? Both Cape hospitals are clients of mine and I know employees there. Thanks for the updates - we're on pins and needles here being so far away. Janna& Chad

MoDLin said...

Kaygan is a beautiful name for a lovely little girl. It is so nice to hear that she is eating well - the whole suck-swallow-breathe thing is hard for preemies. I hope you get answers to her white cell count soon and that it's a relatively easy fix. Slow and steady progress will bring her home before you know it. All best wishes to you.

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