Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kaygan's first 'Family Night'

So, Immanuel Lutheran School puts on a Family Fun Night every year. They've been doing this since I went to school there, and I have no idea how many years previous to that! So, Aunt Kayla now teaches Pre-K there, so she wanted to go and support the PTL (they put it on I think). So, Kaygan got to go with her mommy, Aunt Kaje and Aunt Bex. I think she had a good time!

So, the first thing that Kaygan did was go on the Cake Walk with Aunt Kaje. This was a big favorite when I was young enough to still get something out of fun night! Kaygan and Kayla didn't win on this round, but Becky got a cake!

Then we went to get Kaygan's Face Painted... just the thing for a 10 week old to do! Of course, we got her a ladybug. The girls doing the painting were in 8th grade I think. They didn't quite think it through when they started by outlining a circle in black... really, when it comes to a baby, they could have easily just done a big red circle with a bunch of little black dots!
Either way, it ended up looking a little bit like a ladybug, but the girl wearing it made it Oh so Cute!

Aunt Bex then took Kaygan fishing in the fish pond. She got a goodie bag with a bunch of stickers and temporary tattoos... we'll save those till she's a little older!

Then I took her to the duck pond...
she did eventually touch that yellow one right in front of her... she one a whole 1 point!

This was the end, right before we left! We were there for probably an hour and a half or so... Kaygan slept the whole drive home... which isn't that far, but she was asleep by the time we got out of the parking lot at school!


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